A Signal That You Are in the Sandbox Google

As we’ve already mentioned, you certainly won’t get the answer to this question directly from Google. The sandbox effect is determined by a filter that even prevents newly created websites from achieving a higher result on the SERP list. However, this is not due to little involvement in positioning. The search engine does not trust newly created websites.

A signal that you are in the sandbox
Now that you know what the Google sandbox is, it’s time to understand when you’re likely to find yourself in a given situation.

If you have a new domain and act in accordance with SEO practices, build a valuable link profile , create interactive content, and there is still no result, there is a slight chance that your website is in the sandbox.

Is the Google sandbox effect equivalent to a penalty

However, you must realize that positioning is not a race, and you will not see the results after a few days of implementing a comprehensive strategy.

But when should the red light come on? If, after a long time of Ws Number List working on a newly created website, acquiring valuable links and building substantive content, you do not see any positive results, be aware that you may have encountered this unfavorable phenomenon.

How long does the period of stagnation last? This may not be comforting information for you, but there is no clear answer to this. It is assumed that the most extreme cases indicate persistence in such passivity for up to a year.

Myth or fact What is the end result of the Google sandbox

A proven tactic is the preparation of comprehensive Google AdWords campaigns. They allow you to avoid or shorten the Phone Number ES time spent in the sandbox. However, this is not a guarantee of getting rid of the problem, which is worth remembering when trying to get out of a bad situation.

Is the Google sandbox effect equivalent to a penalty?
The answer is no.

This is solely the result of Google’s concern for the user, his needs and expectations. If the website you have just created encounters the sandbox effect, do not create worst-case scenarios for the continued operation of the platform. The most important criteria are therefore the safety and satisfaction of the Internet user.

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