All messages are automatically configured in your SMS platform

A transactional SMS is a text message that a company sends to a customer to facilitate a business transaction. Its purpose is to simplify the service that the consumer receives and improve the sales experience.  and their sending is by a specific customer action. Here are some examples of transactional SMS:

1. Purchase or reservation confirmations

In most cases, purchase or reservation confirmations are made via instant message, although the automatic text message certifying the purchase of products or services can also be Taiwan Phone Number List configurd. For example, it may contain an image of the item, the price paid, the delivery time, or any other information you decide.

Reservation confirmations typically include the date and time of the reservation, as well as the ability to cancel or reschedule the reservation. Appointments and reservations can be directly to the recipient’s mobile calendar.

2. Appointment and reservation reminder

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A real boon for companies! You can set up your transactional SMS to send reminders to recipients . This feature has the way many industries operate and has them to increase their revenues.

Transactional SMS is of great help in significantly reducing the rate of absenteeism in medical appointments. In Spain, primary care alone loses 11 million consultations due to absence every year . In fact, vedia  Namibia Phone Number List otificery few appointments are with enough time for another patient to take advantage of the remaining hour. This is a recurring problem in all health sectors. Thus, appointments represent an economic loss and this amount could have been to cover urgent needs in the health sector.

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