One of the best-known Amazon policies is to return products within 30 days , from the moment they are received by the consumer. Each of the devices sold in ecommerce is based on this measure, although many of these have different options when making returns . The expansion of digital sales generates increases in returns, with this Business Insider argues that “according to a study by the National Retail Federation and Appriss Retail, online product sellers expect users to return 16.6% of the products they purchase. Data measurement and tracking tools allow companies to measure the performance of their online store and improve their strategy.

Amazon: Increase in digital sales generates more returns

Amazon procedures Local alternatives to Amazon’s monopoly | Public Although Amazon describes in its Customer Service the procedures for returning an item, the CNBC newspaper announced that the firm has 4 different alternatives : Reconversion into energy is implemented in certain cases, either due to hygienic Spain Telegram Number Data factors or serious damage . However, there is no possibility of recycling a device. Therefore, ecommerce burns items to generate energy and heat . Market the product as second-hand. Therefore, through this committee we hope to convene key actors in the ecosystem and, together with them, work on an agenda of priority topics for digital transformation.

Amazon alternatives procedures

Return the product to the seller or business that provided the ecommerce. Under this scenario, the organization determines the second life of the asset. However, in other cases, even though the customer obtains a refund, Amazon gives him or her authorization to take over the product if the shipment does not have the data. The firm gives the option to donate an item to non-profit organizations. In addition, it allows services to be personalized, creating greater loyalty and good long-term relationships. E-commerce allows businesses to reach a wider audience through online advertising and social media.


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