An intermediate in 2021 more than 5 million applications were develope in Spain. With the Introduction to Video Game Design course you will learn the basic notions to know how to make your game profitable you will know the concept of experience the dynamics and mechanics to develop. In short everything behind a video console or smartphone game . Web Analytics Another of the most demande profiles are those who are specialize in marketing. The sector’s nee to get closer to consumers and better position brands at the point of sale has le to these professionals being in greater demand.

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Are you a lover of web analytics or are you intereste in acquiring knowlege about itWith this online course you will learn that it is not only about obtaining data but also about photo editor interpreting it properly. To do this you nee creativity knowlege of mathematics and of course a business vocation . Throughout this 30-hour course you will learn to interpret digital data in an innovative way. Communication and collaboration in the digital age The integration of the Internet into our lives years ago brought with it the nee to adapt to the labor market as well as learn the use of new tools.

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One of the professions that had to face this change was journalism. Not only is a good coherent and concise text important but communication professionals have to know how to integrate SEO into their texts Phone Numberes know how to use social networks create digital strategies etc. all with the aim of reaching a greater number of people with your content. Connect Employment Fundación Telefónica If you want to improve your content strategy or simply learn more about this field the free online course on Communication and Collaboration in the digital age interests you. Relate to this area these formations may also attract.


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