So pay attention, okay? What is a mockup? A mockup is a model or design of a design concept that having to repeat making a finished product. Save budget Next, production costs can be reduced if errors during the design process can be minimized. You can even make mockups for websites yourself, you know. So, there is no need for additional resources to remake a product.  Because the design made does not match what was expected. Provide a realistic picture. In designing a website model, the designer will make the UI/UX as similar as possible to the planned final product, including the flow of application use using a prototype.

Problems with the product will be immediately

identified when using this prototype. Can make it easier to repair or add features. Repairs or adding features will be easier to do when the product is still in design and has not yet entered the code writing stage. Because if the code has already been written, improvements whatsapp data or additions will be more difficult to do and will impact the existing time and budget. Why is that important? Looking at the advantages it has, mockups can be an important and useful tool in making and designing a product. So, here are the reasons why it is important. Becomes a benchmark for how long product development will take. Making a mockup is quite an important stage in helping product developers to estimate how long it will take to make a product.

When compared to directly making

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a product, making a model first will take relatively less time because the product developer can predict how long it will take for the process of turning the design into a real product that can be used. Can make the HTML coding process easier . Still related to the first point, mockups can make the Phone Number ES coding process easier because color codes, fonts and other elements can be embedded in them which can make it easier for developers to write coding . Bringing in investors Creating a mockup can be the first step to bringing in investors. Without creating a clear and detailed model.

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