Behavior However Good Employee Behavior

The public plays the game for 5 long minutes. The bet is successful, we are all ears for the rest! To titillate us even more, a quiz is launchd! We all have to answer the following question “Who conceptualizd the allegory of the cave?” You can use the Internet.” Unanimous answer: it’s Plato. Draw at the end, with the key “a connectd object” for the big winner. Attention, we do not skimp on the means at NWX! Last twist before getting to the heart of the matter.

Counterproductive Or Disadvantageous

A spectator from the public, Étienne, is calld to go on stage. Étienne is the man who has no presence on the web but who has a Facebook account.In 2/3 movements, we learn everything about his life, his marital status, the names of his database children, his age, etc. It was mostly a ruse to prove that the web is intrusive, that it knows everything about us if given the chance. Étienne, therefore, won the role of the candid, the one who is not a web pro.


Help Others And Do Not Adopt

Take your place Étienne on stage among the 4 other speakers. On track, artists! In turn, the speakers are calld upon to go on stage and Phone Number ES present themselves, in an obviously original way. In order of appearance, we have: Laurence Grieu-Samper from ECC (ditorial Conseil Création) who works on the ditorial of course! Arthur Floc from Topo Vidéo who tells us about video story-telling Charles Chemin from Hello Rouen who insists on the importance of the container before creating content Henri Offroy from who plays the role of the SEO technical expert, and who basically looks out for his neighbours! Everyone has their own style and way of presenting themselves.

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