The good news is that your company does not necessarily ne to be on all social networks, so evaluate which ones are most us by your audience and how many you can dicate to — after all, the planning, development and management of content and best-digital Interactions usually take a considerable amount of time, but the result will undoubtly be positive! Tip: How to attract customers with digital content? Find out now! 4.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For your website ‘s pages to be well position on Google , one of the ways is SEO — acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Being among the first search results is essential, as it is one of the main entry points for best-digital customers — especially those looking for products or services on the Internet! And SEO has three pillars as its basis: Content : analysis and use of keywords (with a good number of searches) in the texts and images of the institutional website or blog; Technology : the quality of the technical part of the new database website and its loading spe — which influences the user experience ; Relevance : The authority of the website on the Internet, usually achiev through external links and mentions of the company.

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Understand how we reach the top of Google and increas our sales by 184%. Click on the banner below! From 0 to 90 thousand visits per month: Organic at the top of Google However, one disadvantage of SEO that I must not forget to tell you is that it can take a while to produce results , especially for newer sites, because it depends a lot on search engine algorithms and niche competition . While the return does not come organically, investment in a paid mia strategy is phone Numberes often the solution: 5. Paid Mia (Ads) Just like conventional offline advertising, you can also pay.



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