Increase your turnover by better planning the strong sales days of the year

One of the things most wasted by many businesses is proper planning for strong sales days. Here some examples: sales calendarPhoto rights to Fotolia Father’s or mother’s day. Valentine’s Day. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday . Women’s Day. World lettuce day (German humor). I’m not saying that there aren’t many businesses that do this job well, but small and/or beginners plan late or poorly. So you already know.

It means that we are registered with Increase your turnover

It means that we are registered with a VAT number in 7 countries category email list of the European Union (including Spain). Needless to say, this involves management and has a cost. It costs us 3,000 euros a year. From my point of view it makes sense to become PAN-EU quickly. It also means that Amazon takes your products that you send to warehouses

This makes you closer to customers strong sales days of the year

This makes you closer to customers, faster shipping and consequently Phone Number ES overall billing increases by 30-50% if you participate here. EFN means nothing other than European Fulfillment Network. Here all your products are sent throughout Europe but always from warehouses in Spain.

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