Starting today, more than one and a half million clients of the Cálidda company will be able to pay their bills through Yape. Under this alliance, the natural gas company encourages the use of digital channels for greater security and immediacy. Strategic allies Starting today, the more than one and a half million Cálidda customers will be able to pay their bills through the Yape application. Through this alliance, the natural gas company takes an important step in promoting digital channels for its users. To do this, it will have the support of the BCP digital wallet, which is consolidated as a super app for financial transactions.

Promotion of digital channels

For Cálidda, this new payment option promotes financial inclusion and the digitalization of this important process for its clients. In addition to this application, they offer security and immediacy. Key concepts that they have already been working on previously as part of their promotion of the use of digital channels. Canada Telegram Number Data Among their users located in Lima and Callao. It should be noted that according to Credicorp’s most recent financial inclusion index, 74% of Peruvians do not use digital media for their basic transactions. In that sense, for Cálidda, having this new direct payment option expands the alternatives for the benefit of more than 1.5 million users.

More payment options

Thanks to this strategic alliance, Cálidda clients will be able. To add Yape to the different digital payment channels with which it already operates, including mobile wallets and financial entities. It is necessary to mention that you can be a Yape user even without USA Telegram Number having a bank account and only with your DNI. To access the payment of the Cálidda bill, you only have to enter the Yape application, then display. The left side menu, enter Yapear services and mark gas consumption, where you will find the name of the company. At the time of making the transaction it is necessary to have the supply number on hand.


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