Alibaba does not want to lag behind the technological trend of the moment, which is why it has announced that it is developing an Artificial Intelligence instrument very similar to ChatGPT , known for being the OpenAI chatbot. The Chinese company is carrying out the internal testing processes of the modern invention. Alibaba’s information was released on February 8 , some time after the 21st Century Herald reported that the firm is working with a chatbot very similar to ChatGPT. Added to this, the report states that it is a technology that is operational for the different workers of the firm, who can test it in the development process.

ChatGPT and Alibaba

ChatGPT has the ability to create articles, reports and jokes , all following the patterns desired by the user. Since its departure in November of last year, it has established itself as a consumer platform that has had impressive growth. Realizing this great proposal, Alibaba aims to insert itself into South Africa Phone Number Data this new trend . As outlined in a company statement, they point out that “As a technology leader, we will continue to invest to turn cutting-edge innovations into value-added applications for our customers , as well as their end users through cloud services.

The impact of ChatGPT on technological processes

After the release of ChatGPT, different companies in the technology sector are working tirelessly on the development of instruments that have the ability to compete with the Switzerland Phone Number List app. Since last Monday, February 6, Google announced that it would launch Bard , a chatbot that will have a search engine. The next day, it was Microsoft ‘s turn to integrate ChatGPT into Bing , its search engine. This last group mostly prefers to continue with their subscription rate, even if it is somewhat more expensive, but without advertising content. Finally, the size of the household also influences: the greater the number of people, the greater the inclination to contract the new rates.


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