The new protocol that regulates toy advertising in Spain comes into force today. The agreement signed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the entity AUTOCONTROL and the Spanish Toy Manufacturers Association (AEFJ) last April comes into operation this December 1 , which obliges all advertising campaigns in the toy sector to adopt a series of requirements in favor of equality . This protocol consists of 64 rules that toy advertisements aimed at minors must comply with, especially those under 7 years of age , who are the most vulnerable to the messages they receive. Thus, from now on, campaigns will not be able to be based on sexist stereotypes, associate games with one sex or another or sexualize minors, and must promote inclusive language and an egalitarian image.

Audiovisual and digital advertising

Another novelty is that audiovisual advertisements must incorporate a series of pictograms that graphically detail issues related top industry data to assembly, price or technical needs. These pictograms must occupy at least 7% of the screen, will be located in the upper left part of the screen and must last at least two seconds. The text also includes a section regarding toy advertising on the Internet that directly prohibits toy advertising directed through mobile devices to children under 14 years of age. This new code of ethics for the toy sector will apply to members of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ), which brings together the largest manufacturers in the sector and represents 80% of the industry’s turnover in our country.

Some facts about ads

Toy advertising has been the subject of controversy many times. Scenes of girls playing with cleaning supplies and boys having fun with cars have Phone Number ES been the theme of television advertisements until recently. In fact, according to the Study on stereotypes and gender roles in toy advertising (Women’s Institute, 2020), 38.5% of toy advertisements show girls feminine archetypes of beauty or caregiver and mother. wife as a reference, and 50% of the advertisements aimed at children identify this gender with the activities of pilot, police or military. But society has moved forward and now rejects sexist advertising in which gender roles determine the behavior of boys and girls, as demonstrated by the approval of this type of regulations. This protocol aims to promote healthy, responsible and sustainable consumption, based on the values ​​of gender equality.


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