Christmas is just around the corner and a large number of consumers have been quietly selecting Christmas gifts since September! We want to show you how you can get a big slice of the Christmas pie this year with SMS as an important part of your marketing campaign.

Heading into the Christmas

holidays, your target audience will be exposed to many different marketing strategies . It is currently estimated that the average person sees between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day across a variety Mexico Phone Number List of different channels. This means that customers are overloaded and likely to tune out every time they see an ad. A big plus of SMS marketing is that it is subscriber-based, so consumers must opt-in to receive your text messages. This confirms interest in your brand and, therefore, the willingness to read your communications.

One of the other great benefits is the 98% open rate . SMS messages are read within minutes, making them the most effective way to communicate directly with customers. Email marketing only has a 22% possible open rate due to the excessive number of emails the average person receives daily.

Complete Christmas Marketing Guide 2023

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There are many ways to engage your audience. Here you will find Panama Phone Number List some essential guidelines for creating amazing festive SMS marketing campaigns .

Grow your subscriber list
The period before the Christmas sales is a good time to increase your customer database. It won’t be difficult this time of year to find consumers who are looking for Christmas gifts and, more importantly, people who are looking for a bargain. Encourage customers to join your subscriber list by letting them know how they can benefit.


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