How to create a customer database in no time

Everything is relative. So what I am going to tell you below is also because it is based on my recent experience with a new collecting project. In less than a month, more than 40 clients have accumulated. collectPhoto rights to Fotolia In this case I skipped my 4 activation phases with selling directly. To be honest it happened “accidentally”. 

Private Facebook Groups How to create a

Private Facebook Groups Along with competitive prices, you industry email list have to move where your clients are. In this case it is mainly private groups on Facebook . It is not difficult to gain access. In fact we have several people from the team “infiltrated” to publicize the store. It is not done in a hidden way but always with the consent of the page administrator.

Sale in marketplaces Wallapop, Amazon and Ebay in no time

Sale in marketplaces : Wallapop, Amazon and Ebay You don’t have to be psychic to Phone Number ES know that 2017 will be the year of the marketplaces . For certain niches, Wallapop can be a very powerful place to attract customers. In fact, 50% of my project’s billing comes from there. One of the things that Wallapop has to improve is the operation of the app , which continues to give many errors. 

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