With billions of active accounts around the world, Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular, accessible and dynamic email services available on the market. But if the platform is not for you, we explain in this article how to delete your Gmail account. It takes Google two business days to completely delete your account and its content. If you deleted your email but changed your mind and want to reactivate it, you can recover your account. Just log back into your Gmail account before this two-day deletion period. Thus, it will be automatically reactivated.

How to remove your Gmail account

On your computer, access the Google Account page with your preferred browser. 2. On the Delete a Google Service tab , click the Delete a Service option . delete gmail account: 3. On the next screen, enter your email and password for the  want to delete. delete gmail account: 4. You will Laos Phone Number Data see a list of all Google services associated with your ; In this case, to delete the Gmail service, click on the trash can next to it ; you can make a backup of your before deleting it. To do this, simply click on the Download data option.

How to Delete Gmail on Android

On the main screen of your Android device, click Settings . 2. Click Cloud and accounts . delete gmail from android: step 3. Select your Google account with the Gmail Italy Phone Number List you want to delete and click Manage your Google Account . Swipe down until you find the Delete a service or your account tab. Log in with your Google account to verify. step You will now see a list of Google services linked to your account; select the service you want to delete – in this case, click on the trash icon to the right of the icon that represents your Gmail account. Now, enter a non-Google email to receive the deletion link for your Gmail account and click Send verification email .


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