Delete an Instagram account forever? (Step by step tutorial)

Delete an Instagram, If you are still not completely clear, before making the decision to close your account forever, you should weigh the pros and cons of this action and, also, know that there is a more temporary alternative Temporarily Disable It. By temporarily deactivating Instagram, the content of your account and your profile will not be visible to any user’s searches. But, you can reactivate and use your account again whenever you want, just by logging in again. By deleting Instagram permanently, you are closing your account forever and losing all the followers you have on it. And, if after a while you regret it, you will have to create a new one to start from scratch. Be that as it may, it is clear that, at least from my point of view, this network has become.

Access the account

Access the account The first step to delete it is to access said account using your password and email, just as you normally do, but from your Web browser, PC or Mac. 2. Review your account It is very likely that before. Closing it you will want to review email leads it in case you want to save some of your photos or videos. To do this, I recommend downloading them to your hard drive and then transferring them to a removable hard drive, a pen drive or to the cloud. You could also. Include them all in a large file and send it to your own email, using tools like WeTransfer or similar. 3. Go to the link to delete account From this link you can access the options for deleting profiles.. As is usually the case on all platforms, the option to delete or delete an Instagram account.

Review your account

permanently and forever. In the drop-down menu you can choose between several causes and you will be offered solutions to prevent you from closing your account. This is quite useful if the real cause is that you don’t know how to use Instagram exactly . 5. Re-enter password After you have selected an option, the application will ask you again to enter your password, as an Phone Number ES extra security. This will ensure that no one who found your profile open on. Another computer wants to delete it without your consent. 6. Press the “Permanently delete my account” button On the same page where you are asked to indicate the reason for the closure. And where you must rewrite your password, you will find a red button with the legend Permanently delete my account.

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