Despite being a good messaging platform, Skype may not be to everyone’s taste. If this is your case and you no longer want to use the program, this article is for you. Here, we will teach you how to delete your Skype account. Step Next, you will need to check several confirmation boxes showing that you are aware of each of the consequences of closing your account; Mark all the fields to proceed. delete skype account: step After checking all the fields, select a reason for deleting your account in the Select a reason tab.

Is it possible to delete a Skype account?

Microsoft has made it extremely difficult to delete a Skype account. But that’s not an impossible task (yet). After Microsoft purchased the rights to Skype, all accounts integrated into the calling program were linked to the systems giant. To your account, you will have to delete your Korea Phone Number Data entire Microsoft  which will require a period of 60 days to complete the process. During this period, you can recover your account by logging in . After that, the account is permanently deleted.

Deleting Your Desktop Account

Sign in to your Skype account. Click your profile icon in the top left corner of the Skype screen. Then click on Settings delete skype account: step Click Indonesia Phone Number List Account and Profile. Then choose the Close your account option. Step Log in to your Skype account. step Now, select one of the ways to verify your  SMS message, phone call or confirmation email. Step After receiving your code in one of these ways, enter it in the corresponding field and click Verify ; After verifying your confirmation code, you will see a message warning you about closing your account; If you want to proceed, just scroll down and click Next.


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