Recalls the Mercator 2013. The purpose of Lead Nurturing is to help the prospect in his decision-making without commercial push, with the aim of purchasing your products and/or services. Patience and relevance will be your key words if you engage in a Lead Nurturing campaign. As you will have dducd, this method is more suitable for B2B because decision-making there is very long, between six months and two years.

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It is therefore necessary to create a link and maintain the commitment of your leads by creating informative content that will “fed” the Latest Mailing Database curiosity and knowldge of the prospect. Why adopt the Lead Nurturing technique in B2B? B2B companies realize that their buyers place more importance on brandd content and recommendations than on purely advertising messages. offers without annoying them.

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The purchasing process being longer in B2B, it is essential to implement means to maintain contact with your prospects, registerd in your Phone Number ES database. Gleanster Research reveals that 30-50% of your qualifid leads aren’t ready to buy right away. The goal of Lead Nurturing is to maintain contact with your “cold” leads until they become “hot” . It is therefore essential to extend the commitment of your leads during this period because you will have time to better understand their expectations and offer them your appropriate products/services.

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