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with the theme: Digital Millennials’ Work for Indonesia to Be More Resilient and Grow “. This activity aims to provide challenges to millennial developers in competing to create digital technology innovations (products) that can help and provide benefits to the lives of Indonesian people. Main Provisions This Developer Challenge is open to all Indonesian citizens (WNI). Participants who take part in this challenge must be registered for the IDCamp 2021 scholarship . If not, register first via .  Immediately take part in the challenge and create your best teDo you know what a mockup is

The platform for creating products

The products created can choose themes in the fields of Education, Health, Economics, Resources, Social and Cultural.   Assessment criteria Ideas or innovation and novelty: 20% Product  HTTP and HTTPS he results look real and whatsapp number list have a modern impression.u can apply creations without any limitations.   . What does this have to do with programming? Hey, wait a minute, making this model is synonymous with designing activities, but in programming there is also a process for making a mockup, for example designing the appearance of a web or mobile application.

namely symmetric encryption and

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functionality in Indonesia: 30% Benefits for the Indonesian people: 25% Design and ease of use: 25% Awarded additional points if: The product is available for use by the public (published in the store or on hosting). The product uses real-time/interactive data and not dummy data or local storage. Present The 10 best products will each receive Phone Number ES a prize of 2,000 Dicoding Points.  Low-fidelity is a design that is still simple and simple.   Using mockups will make it very easy for you to complete your work.

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