In Peru, approximately 2.5 billion digital transactions are executed per year. It is an amount that doubles every year over time. Taking into consideration the rise of Plin and Yape , as well as the interoperability that is currently occurring, Peruvians have the ability to access new digital instruments, so it is no longer so necessary to go to the bank. The reason: The digitalization of banking. Although the world entered into an acceleration of its processes, the pandemic was the fundamental factor for banking in Peru to take the steps required to deepen its digitalization. Banking entities such as Scotiabank Perú, Banco deCrédito del Perú, BBVA Perú and Interbank, point out the steps to follow in the future.

Promote the digitalization of processes

A large part of the digitalization measures has focused on the use of mobile banking , with applications and various web pages. The result of this is that the offices attached to the banks will play a secondary role. For Alfonso Díaz, who is Vice President of Operations and Technology at Interbank , he points out that “At Interbank we have the vision of being a “digital only” bank , which consists of our clients being able to carry out all the operations they Singapore Telegram Number Data want digitally.” For his part, Miguel Ángel Real, who is Manager of Strategy and Relationship Models at BBVA in Peru , explains that his institution has 3.3 million clients who usually use the bank’s app, making it the preferred alternative, covering 68%. of transactions.

Banking digitalization statistics

According to Alberto Solar, who acts as BCP’s People Product Development Manager , he points out that the expansion of digital payments can be seen positioned in transactions, mainly debit ones. “In debit, transactions grew in number close to 12 times in 2022, compared to 2020. ” Only 20% of all debit transactions were linked to e-commerce, today it is almost 60% ,” he described. Considering information from Asbanc , the global number of transactions through digital means until October 2022 (total of 12 months) was about 2,611 million and they foresee a growth of 108% compared to what was accumulated in 2021. “Mobile banking (including digital wallets) is the most used channel,” the institution noted.


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