If your customers have decided to trust your brand to express their love and are impatiently awaiting their order, you should thank them by offering them maximum transparency.

Automatically send them

an SMS with their tracking number when their order is on its way and offer them an estimated delivery date.

Hello! Your order is being prepared ences and crafts, when what theyand Chile Phone Number List delivery dat 24. Just in time to surprise your partner.

4. For them and for them
The time has come to dress up as Cupid, because you know something that your clients don’t know: we usually don’t like the gift we receive. This is because both men and women tend to give away what we would like to receive.

Women receive more

Chile Phone Number List

jewelry and perfumes than they would like, when they would rather receive experiences and crafts. Men, on the other hand, receive more experi really want is the latest gadget.

and send different Malaysia Phone Number List campaigns to each one. Stay away from clichés and make love triumph by encouraging your clients to give their partner what they really want.


we have prepared a special product catalog for you to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in the way you like best.


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