Ecommerce: What do consumers according to the study called “Digital 2023” and prepared by the firms Meltwater and WeAreSocial , they reveal the most important information about the growth of ecommerce worldwide . For this reason, it classifies as the categories with the highest categorization in digital commerce . How much revenue was generated in ecommerce? The research shows that global revenues related to digital purchases of consumer goods amounted to 3.59 trillion dollars , an amount that shows a reduction of 6.5% compared to the 3.85 trillion of dollars that came to light in 2021. The estimate of expenses per consumer experienced a reduction.

Most demanded ecommerce categories

The study shows that each individual had an average expense of $873 , this throughout 2022, with a value of $138 less than the previous figure . Added to this, the mobile phone continues to consolidate itself as the preferred device for people, this when making purchases, having a 59.8% usefulness . You may also be Oman Telegram Number Data interested in: Tapi will promote crypto payments in Peru As happened last season, the categories aimed at electronics and fashion were the most representative , becoming one of the attractive ones for digital consumers, who spent some 765.7 billion dollars and 871.2 billion dollars , respectively.

Factors that influence digital purchases

For their part, the food and beverage sectors experienced the highest levels of growth. A context that aspires to increase in the future, but with much lower indicators. With respect Vietnam Telegram Number to the other categories, they had relatively low figures in their actions. Among those that had the greatest decrease were electronics (despite having a good level of sales), as well as furniture . New VAT for e-commerce | Mas and Calvet Law Firm. Lawyers It is crucial to know the factors that can lead consumers to make purchases digitally. One of the aspects that most influenced confinement, although other reasons that deepen digital purchases.


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