The grid gives you a birds-eye view of a user’s posting history. This is your first impression of their body of work: a visual. Big-picture introduction to their personal or professional brand. For individual users. Creating a beautiful grid may not matter   sure. Color coding your posts could be a fun personal challenge. But if you’re just on the ‘gram to connect with friends. Not amass an audience. Branding likely isn’t too important. But for brands. Creatives. Or influencers. Consistency and style are critical. Particularly if your account is focus on aesthetics or lifestyle. After all. Your grid is a quick and easy way to get your message across. Plus.

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Anyone viewing your profile is thinking about following you. This is your chance to show exactly what you offer. Are you avant-garde or on-trend? Will your content soothe or bring the drama? Is your brand consistent or chaotic? One look at a grid. And they’ll get sorry. Not a sorry picture. 

Creative ways to design an business lead instagram grid layout great grids for instagram start with a vision. So we’ve scour the platform to dig up some of the best grids on instagram to inspire your own look. Think of these as your instagram grid templates. Commit to a color combo this is probably the most common grid style going   not that i’m calling anyone lazy don’t  me!. But it really doesn’t get much easier than this.

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Pick a color palette pinks and greys? Or a certain tone high contrast neons? To feature in every photo. View together. Your gallery will look like a matching set. Even if the content of your pics varies. Home and lifestyle influencer travel instagrammer rachelontheroad_ exclusively features photos from a desaturat palette of cool blues. Pinks. And greys. 

A neon green pic. For instance. Would Phone Numberes seem jarring and out of place here. Travel instagram rachel on the road cool colour palette in case your travel destination or home or office isn’t decorat like an insta-ready backdrop. One easy way to make sure your photos all speak the same visual.


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