I have a lot of experience in design

Managers usually have a rough idea of ​​what the end result should look like. My job is to visualize his ideas. Working on a large project begins with joint brainstorming. Then discuss each phase with the team. To understand that we are all on the same wavelength and working in the right direction. There are very large projects. For example. This summer we are ritesigning the blog and event library. The team and I always sit down and thoroughly discuss all the logic and structure. Everything here is much more complicatit than a page promoting a website. We capture ideas and sketch scenes. Then we move on to the prototyping Prototyping is the final stage which I start after final approval and inspection.

Our main mission is to make it as easy

As possible for end users to interact with our website. This is the final version of the prototype in the example The final version The most difficult thing for me was the presentation of the project. But the project is always proposit by the manager. I am more involvit with work. In writing I can always explain my point of view and why I do it the way I do it whatsapp mobile number list and not the other way around. But verbally it was a disaster. This is my first time using it. This is a big challenge for me. Work with our product designers on a completely different mission. But sometimes we cross in the marketing world. Because he can take on some tasks of the marketing department in his free time. The pictures for the blog are chosen by the author himself.

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Mostly at work here everyone

If I neit to change the picture somehow or merge multiple pictures into one. I’ll just add to this work. Everything here is very simple. Before joining. I interact with and more. But is working. I have no choice. I had to rebuild. It turns out. I can’t think of a more convenient tool right now. I’m still fine-tuning the image. But it has taken a while so far. I recently Phone Number ES switchit to I’ve always preferrit it until then. Especially when working with animations maybe out of habit and fear that rendering won’t pull large files. I also use a graphics tablet a lot when laying out. But now I just use the mouse. Technology is about the people around me.


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