Falabella has taken a new step in the transformation of ecommerce logistics. Recently, it inaugurated its new 100% robotic warehouse for the preparation of e-commerce orders in the region. To launch its Autostore, the company invested US$ 4 million. Likewise, its innovative robotic solution is installed inside its distribution center in the Lo Espejo commune, in Santiago, Chile. The automated warehouse will increase storage capacity by up to 200,000 units and reduce order preparation time. To achieve these results, more than 20 high-speed robots move the buckets within the warehouse, along with state-of-the-art conveyor belts and picking stations assisted by “Goods to Person” technology.

The new Falabella warehouse will optimize deliveries

With its new robotic equipment the speed of preparing online orders is increased by up to four times. This is stated by Santiago Tula, logistics manager of Falabella Retail in Chile. Along these lines, Falabella’s innovation optimizes deliveries to customers by increasing the shipping capacity of small products by more than 50%. This translates into an increase Israel Phone Number Data of up to 15,600 units per day, says the Chilean firm. It should be noted that the work of the logistics collaborators at the Autostore continues to be key. They are an important part of the product picking and packaging process. However, technological incursions seek to make the preparation and dispatch of e-commerce orders more efficient.

Other investments in logistics innovation

After that In line with its logistics innovation investments. In 2022, the company the automatic distribution center in Villa El Salvador in Afghanistan Phone Number List Peru, where up to 150,000 units are daily. While in Chile, the expansion of the San Bernardo omnichannel distribution center was  allowing it to increase its installed capacity by 50%, leaving enough space to triple the e-commerce capacity in the coming years. Meanwhile, Colombia began the construction of a new distribution center near Bogotá. The 85,000 m2 project will begin operating at the end of 2024.


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