Language is simply to use the same filter for every photo to help create a consistent tone. A variation on this theme? Using a standard filter or color palette. But also working in an accent color or filter every few posts. Too. Maybe your instagram fe is mostly dreamy. Sepia-ton boho fantasy. But every few rows. We see a vibrant pop of forest green. Woo! You’re playing with fire! We couldn’t tell you exactly what lightroom preset lemons.for.days is using but… probably something call. Like. Peach dew dreams. Lemon for days peachy colour theme repeat yourself there’s something soothing about scrolling a fe that gives you the same thing over and over again.

Your Content Within the Explore Ecosystem

There’s no doubt what you’re going to get when every photo follows the same template. In the case of decorative cakemaker takemehome_cake. Each creation is photograph from the exact same angle on the same backdrop. The color may vary due to seasonal lighting. But the result is a pleasingly prictable fe. 

Where the individual product gets business database to pop against an endless grid of grey. Decorative cakes instagram consistent theme create a checkerboard effect by alternating the style of photos you post. You’ll easily create a checkerboard look on your grid. Try alternating text quotes with photography or mixing close-up shots with landscape photos. Going back and forth with two distinct colors can work. Too.

Remember People Alo Use the Instagram Explore

Influencer jillian.harris alternates full-frame photos with pink-border pics to create a unique grid look. Jillian harris pink border pictures food blogger fethepudge alternates food posts with ones of his own face to offer variety for anyone scrolling through. Food blogger fe the purge alternate pictures food and. Face vancouver fitness studio cmmn grnd mixes bright. 

Graphics with dark and moody Phone Numberes photos. Vancouver fitness studio bright graphics mix with moody photos hot tip: if you’re using text-bas posts. Keep the background color or fonts consistent to really make the pattern clear. Check and mate. Ne a little help on the graphic design front? There are tons of great tools and templates out there to create visuals that pop.


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