If you are looking for a tool that allows you to improve. Your content marketing, your SEO strategies, and know. Which traffic sources give you the most visits to your website.  That of your competitors, this tool is for you. With the Similar web tool you will be able to have greater knowledge of the market in your digital sector and thus be able to anticipate possible opportunities or resolve weaknesses in your digital business, and all for free.

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Does it seem difficult for you to job function email list know all this for free? Well, keep reading the post until the end and you will see everything that this free platform shows you. Post contents [ Hide ] What is Similarweb? Who uses Similar web? What is Similar web for? How to use Similarweb Free to better understand your digital project and investigate your competition What is Similarweb? Similar web is a digital website analysis tool that allows you to intelligently analyze and measure your. Blogs or applications through its database.

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This data is processed once you enter the  Phone Number ES web page you want to investigate and the information is returned to you in a very visual way so that you can begin to analyze and draw your own conclusions. Then there is Similar web Pro, the paid version where you have more features and gives you more data than the free version. In a future post I will explain how the Pro version works.

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