For your ads to be display on the Internet

For your ads to be display on the Internet ! It’s possible: Create well-target ads that will only appear to your target audience; Boost content that was publish organically on your website or social mia; And even hire other content creators to advertise your brand, product or service! It’s no surprise that the biggest online advertising platforms (also call “Ads”) are the search and social mia giants: Google Ads ; Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads , which is now also responsible for running ads on Instagram); LinkIn Ads; Twitter Ads, among other programmatic mia platforms.

To just create an account on social mia

Online ads are a good Digital Marketing strategy for companies that want quick results and complete measurement of commercial campaigns. It’s also the most immiate way to put a website at the top of Google search results ! It’s a little more expensive than reaching the top positions 100% organically, but it spes up months (if not years) of your company’s positioning. Paid mia and organic mia: Complete guide to Latest database reconciling the two 6. Remarketing Do you know when you put an item in your shopping cart, don’t complete the purchase, and hours later you.

What’s more: these days it’s not enough


Ucating leads about your product or service; Exclusive invitations to events, which bring leads closer to the brand; And the list only grows! But you ne to be careful: if your company sends too many offers without a shr of personality (or the slightest bit of humanity), the emails will be mark as spam! When sending an Email Marketing flow , each message nes to be useful to the lead . Otherwise, campaigns with this strategy could backfire… Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy 8. Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing is the strategy of promoting a product or service through phone Numberes a person or brand that can influence people within your ideal audience.

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