Discover how to generate a direct link so that your clients can leave you reviews on Google My Business . I’m going to start with a question that may seem very strange to you but that has its own: How long do you think it takes to change a diaper (or whatever) in the only bathroom that has a changing table and which, by the way, is usually the one for girls? Be careful because there is a trap. 5 minutes? 10 If it has been one of those that makes a mess even down to the bodysuit and the t-shirt? I don’t know… what if I ask you how many people are needed? 10 people in a Seat 600 falls short. I swear. Anyway … Hooooola! How are you? good? I hope so.

To be honest nervous 

A little embarrassed because today I’m releasing the first video in which I make the introduction directly to the camera . My mother! Apufff, now I really can’t watch the videos that make me feel hot that you haven’t seen… Veeeeeenga, okay, let’s get to the topic of the post. Well, I’ll tell you a executive email list quick summary : at Grupo Graphic we want to promote customer reviews and we want them to do them for us through Google My Business since this helps us in local positioning, but you don’t see what it costs for some customers to find the link to leave us the review. So we thought we had to make it easy for them, that we needed a direct link. Well, in this post I teach you how to achieve it . Marina became desperate, looked at me and said: “Daddy, change my diaper.”

Itziar and I looked

At each other surprised, how is it possible that it took so long? You can hear commotion inside, but you don’t hear any children. What they might be doing? It’s been Phone Number ES more than 15 minutes now! We began to create crazier versions of the story. Consuelo, who was outside, arrived desperate: still? what’s going on? … Although it seems very advantageous, not sticky, asking your clients for reviews directly on Google My Business can cause you a lot of problems . There are two key points that can turn it into an odyssey and make you miss the review. Not everyone has a Google account.

Oh really? Really good one. Yes, I have seen it and it is not just something from Murcia that I have asked around, so you know . Those of us who are dedicated to Online Marketing are a bit like when someone says “I don’t have a cell phone” or “I don’t like hot drinks” or “I don’t wear underwear” (well, the latter is more common but it is the same face remains…). Yes, there are people who do not have a Google account.

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