Google Ads is an excellent opportunity to grow your business

Are you looking for a way to promote your business and get more clients? Have you already heard about Ldk
products that can help you achieve your goals?

You surely know about Google


Advertising and want to know more about this topic so that you can also take advantage of it.

Every second, hundds of millions of searches are perform on Google  Bulgaria WhatsApp Number Listand it is common for you to see an advertisement on most pages. These ads are manag by Google Ads and are an effective way to attract relevant traffic to your website, precisely when people are searching for the type of product or service you are offering.

. That is why in this article we took the task of teaching you what Google ads are, how they work and their types of ads.

What is Google Ads really about?
Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform that allows businesses to pay for greater visibility. The advantage of using Google Ads is that you get a supeegmentd audience. That is, the audience is shown your ads when they have already shown interest relato your business.

In addition, this platform has the possibility of showing different types of ads:

Search Network Ads

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It is the most common type of ad campaign, which appears on the search engine results page calld SERP.
Ads on the display network: These ads can be sen by all websites that have agred to publish Google ads. These are shown in texts, images or videos and can be  targete in differet ways (keywords, geographic information or remarketing).
Google Shopping Ads: It is a catalog thatlayd in the em Venezuela WhatsApp Number List a mesnormal SERP or in the shopping tab. Here, online stores display their products with images and data. Of the advertid product, which is generally only paid for when you click on it.
Youtube ads: because youtube is ownd by google, to. Create an ad on the platform you must do so using google ads. In it you can create ad campaigns. With videos or texts that appear before and during the playback of a video on the platform.

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