Google Shopping and how does it help you sell more in your Online store?

 This function had no cost for the merchants who published but as of 2013 Google. Changed the usage policy and now advertisers must pay for each click they receive from the Shopping tool. Google Shopping View This feature works in harmony with two other Google platforms. Namely: Google Ads : this is the global tool to generate and manage advertising ads that will be published in the search engine. On YouTube or on other websites interested in showing your advertising proposal. Google Merchant Center : a tool dependent on Shopping. In which you automatically place all the information (feed) of your product and store. In this way Google decides which searches to relate to as the appropriate result. So we could say that.

More possibilities to retain customers

Add different data about the ad such as a description, image, price. And the store that sells it. This also job function email list ends up advantageous to advertisers since they could receive quality. Traffic that is more willing to buy because they have already ruled out other options and preferred it. Likewise. It must be said that this platform simplifies the synchronization of ads on Google. Since before with Froogle the process was slightly longer. This way. Marketing teams and solopreneurs don’t have to manage too many logins to get their ad campaign up and running . Advantages and disadvantages of using Google Shopping Like any online sales tool. Google Shopping has positive and negative aspects. That is why I am going to mention them below.

It will give you more visibility

When your product or service is shown as recommended by Google itself. The user is already predisposed with a certain degree of Phone Number ES trust towards your brand. So if you give them the final push with a good user experience they will become loyal and . Perhaps Next time I’ll look for you directly. It will give you more visibility You will be more visible in the literal sense. Since your products will appear more visually. But also higher than others. This is an advantage if you have not managed to position yourself organically. Complement your marketing strategies If you are already working on other strategies. Such as content marketing or Inbound marketing and they are already. Giving you good results in your positioning appearing.

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