Google Sandbox Effect What is It There Are Legends

There are legends about the Google sandbox effect , especially in the marketing industry.

Although the Phenomenon. Has Not Been Classified as a Real Obstacle. To the Proper Optimization of Websites. For Search, the Escalation. Of the Problem is Still Monitored.

We Have Prepared. A Set of Valuable Information. About This Effect Along With Advice. On How to Counteract Undesirable Practices Involving It.

Find out where the problem is and how to effectively avoid it!

If you expect to learn about Google sandbox from official sources, we have to worry you. Uncle Google, or rather his employees, do not confirm its existence. However, this phenomenon has been observed by experts specializing in SEO.

Legends about Google sandbox

It is assumed that it all started almost 18 years ago, when newly created websites noticed a lack of results in the form of being placed in higher ranking positions despite a lot of work put into positioning.

Although the newly launched websites were properly indexed Ws Database by Google, they did not rank high enough on the SERP list. It was useless to compete for phrases or keywords with a low level of competition. However, it is impossible not to mention that in other search engines (e.g. Yahoo) they achieved higher positions.

To download files, simply use any FTP client through which you will be connected to a hosting account containing all files and folders of the online store.

What is the Google sandbox effect

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Downloaded items are usually placed in a directory called public_html or www. When performing this step, remember to Phone Number ES download and save the entire contents of these directories so that every element of the store is transferred.

Database export
After downloading the files in the previous step, proceed to export the database. The easiest way to do this is through the admin panel, in the MySQL database section, or in a data management application such as phpMyAdmin.

However, people performing migration often wonder how to identify the PrestaShop database. It’s best to look for it in the online store’s configuration file called, which contains information such as the database name, user details and account password.

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