The reports I use to have financial control over my projects

This morning I realized that I am almost into the second month of a new project and I have not yet completed the first month’s report. It is easy to leave these tasks aside since a priori you have the feeling that there are more important things to do.

My basic metrics to take complete The reports I use

My basic metrics to take complete control of a project EveryMy top industry data basic metrics to take complete control of a project Every project is different and the metrics below will not accurately apply to everyone’s needs. Even so, they serve as a base for each one that I later adapt with small modifications. Pageviews and unique users : website traffic is tracked here. The idea is that it goes up obviously. Billing : easy. Everything you have earned with the project including shipping costs.

Things to keep in mind over my projects

Things to keep in mind Reporting needs to be a sacred Phone Number ES recurring routine . If you or your team do not maintain the necessary discipline to carry out this task on a regular basis, it loses all its meaning. The idea is to be able to get it out quickly. It forces you to have control over your main metrics . In the event that things are going either.

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