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were laid off during the pandemic. In fact, Jobstreet, one of the job vacancy information platforms, stated that as many as 54 percent of workers in Indonesia experienced a significant impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic ( › covid-19-job-report-id). He realized that grades were not the main factor in pursuing a career as a developer or programmer. It requires real and capable skills beyond a graduation certificate. Like it or not, he has to go back to learning what he hasn’t mastered as a developer that suits the needs of today’s industrial world. Learn Dicoding so that Skills Become Relevant Annisa did not waste the opportunity to upskill via learning on the Dicoding platform . With a learning curriculum developed with world companies and technology owners.

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needs, Dicoding has been trusted by various industrial . And government partners to distribute various types of scholarship programs to develop . Indonesian digital talent. It is recorded that in 2021, Dicoding has actively distributed 181,643 coding scholarships to 82,857 Indonesian developers. Not wanting to be left behind, Annisa was also one of them. She wants to upskill herself to become a reliable female programmer. The first scholarship he received was in th ws number list Front-End field . “Studying Dicoding made me even more interested in this Front-End field.” (Women) As a result, after he entered the world of work at a startup, he was trusted as a Junior Front-End Developer. But this experience was only short-lived because he realized that there was still a lot he had not mastered in the field of Front-End Developer. Strengthening Skills through Baparekraf Digital Talent Fighting despair, Annisa felt increasi

ngly driven to master her skills further

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With the motivational quote ” true programmers never stop learning . From April to July 2021 Annisa returned to studying through . Baparekraf Digital Talent (BDT), one of the Dicoding. Scholarship/facilitation programs in collaboration with the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Baparekraf). Phone Number ES Through this program, Annisa can continue her learning process in advanced classes in the Front-End Web Developer Dicoding Academy learning pathway, namely Becoming a Front-End Web Developer Expert. At the same time, Annisa is also in a transition period looking for new job opportunities. At that time he received information that there was a job vacancy as a Front-End Developer at  for a website.

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