How to check the most important parameters in Google Analytics 4

If You Have Already Used Universal Analytics, You Are Probably Familiar With the Basic Functions of the New Version of the Tool. It Turns Out That Google Analytics 4 Differs From Its Predecessor in Few, but Quite Important, Parameters. The Platform Allows You to Track Website Traffic Even More Precisely and Analyze User Behavior. So, Can We Say That Ga4 is Better Than Universal Analytics? To Answer This Question, You Need to Become Familiar Not Only With the Advantages of Google Analytics 4, but Also With Some Key Disadvantages of This Tool..

The most important parameters in GA4

Google Analytics is Whatsapp Data a Tool That Can Improve Your Work, Regardless of Whether You Run a Website or an Online Store. But Let’s Get Down to Business. Here Are the Key Parameters You Should Track on an Ongoing Basis.
User Data is a Set of Information That You Should Be Interested in at the Very Beginning of Your Adventure With Google Analytics 4. Knowing the Demographics of the Target Group, You Will Be Able to Personalize the Content and Abandon Solutions That Do Not Meet the Recipients’

Website traffic

Are You Positioning Phone Number ES Your Website? Do You Want to Test the Effectiveness of This Process? Take a Look at the Traffic Acquisition Report in the Acquisition Section !
In Google Analytics 4 You Will Find Detailed Information About Organic Traffic. The Traffic Acquisition Report Presents Data About Traffic Sources and Sessions and Events Generated Through Organic Results. You Can Analyze the Information in Selected Time Ranges, Thanks to Which You Will Be Able to Determine Whether the Implemented Activities Are Leading to the Expected Effects or Whether the Strategy Should Be Modified. Sometimes Users Visit Your Website by Entering Its Address in a Search Box. This Type of Movement is Called Direct Movement. It is a Very Important Parameter That You Should Regularly Track in Google Analytics 4.

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