This information is useful to provide the product with certain characteristics that are attractive to specific niches.
Personality: This is one of the most important pieces of information because it will help you get an idea of ​​your audience’s next moves. You already know them but:

Are you able to foresee what their interests will be in the future?

Interests and goals: In this item you should write down what people expect to get when they make a purchase. But it’s also helpful to talk about your personal goals. After all, that will define their behavior as clients.
Behavior on social networks: Nowadays these platforms are a ve luable source of information. Try to track the behavior that your potential customers leave in their wake. Who Qatar Phone Number List do they follow? What type of content do they prefer? What do you like?
The only way to find your Buyer Persona is to go directly to where your customers are to study their behaviors. This way you will obtain real data that faithfully represents the interests and needs of the public that matters to you.

Nowadays it is possible to build large

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A databases based on the leads that your website registers every day. Then you must analyze all that information in search of behavioral trends.

Another good tip is to work together with the customer service area: They are the Sweden Phone Number List ones who always listen to complaints, requests or comments from the public. !

How to create a Buyer Persona for your company step by step?
To be more specific, we have outlined a 7-step methodology through which you will find your Buyer Persona.


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