When transferring an online store, remember to take care of all the most important files and data. Before migration, you should create a list of items and generate their backups. They may prove useful when something goes wrong or certain files are transferred incorrectly.

Even though the entire content of the online store should be migrated, there are several important aspects that particularly affect the performance of the website on the new server. These are:

In the case of large online stores, it may be necessary to use the help of an experienced agency. This will ensure that all necessary elements have been transferred correctly and that each function works properly.

Migration of the online store to a new server

If you own a fairly small store, you can successfully move it to another server yourself. In the case of large online stores, this method is equally Ws Data effective, but remember that it will be neither easy nor quick. Maneuvering a complex database is quite demanding, so it is worth engaging specialists for this task.

Here is a comprehensive guide to successfully migrate PrestaShop to a new server.

Preparations for migration
Before undertaking migration activities, make sure that the FTP Client program has been installed and all login parameters for both the source and target accounts are available.

Preparations for Migration Before Undertaking

It is also important to gain access to an administration panel such as DirectAdmin. After implementing these preparations, you can move on to migrating your online store.

Store closing
Before copying the files and database, you must suspend the store by Phone Number ES putting it in maintenance mode. Depending on the version of PrestaShop you have, the options vary slightly.

In many cases, you can use the service to create a full backup of your account. If such an option exists, it is definitely worth taking advantage of it, as it can significantly facilitate and speed up the migration process. Another solution is to make a copy using the internal PrestaShop module.


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