Whether it’s a natural disaster, a technical or system failure, or an unexpected change in business hours, time is of the essence when it comes to communicating an emergency. When you need to keep your customers and employees informed about an extraordinary situation in real time, mobile messaging channels can be the ideal complement to your crisis communication strategy.

Why use mobile messaging for critical communications

These are some of the main reasons  plan:

Allows you to send real-time updates – Thanks to the accessibility of SMS, it is easy to keep customers and staff informed with accurate real-time updates.
It is accessible : 91% of the world’s populat smartphone. There are few Ecuador WhatsApp Number List channels more accessible than mobile messaging.
Reach a wider audience : In addition to most pess to a mobile phone, messaging channels such as SMS and WhatsApp allow you to reach a large number of people, especially if you use them in conjunction with your communication channels. (for example, email or phone calls).

Allows you to interact naturally :

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talk to your customers through a channel they usually use. In this case, it is a mobile messaging channel from where they already talk to their friends and family. Why not give them the opportunity to receive important messages there too?
Send messages that people will actually engage with : Email inboxes aroming overcrowded and physical letters are difficult to track in terms of engagement. Make suue to Uruguay WhatsApp Number List lack of re your mes don’t go unnoticed when you send text messages by using links to custom landing pages, interactive buttons, images, attachments, etc.
Below are some examples of text templates for the different alerts and notifications that can be sent via mobile messaging.


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