After going through the entire data collection and analysis process, your company will finally have its own Buyer Persona. However, not everything is done: They must use it the right way! Or else the efforts made will have been in vain.

Segmentation by business return is what will allow analysts to play with the variables to expand your decisions in the short and medium term.

You will always be at the forefront of marketing

Google Ads works using keywords. On the one hand, the advertiser pays for an ad for a specific keyword and when the user performs a search with said keyword, the ads will be in the SERP.

Now. How does Google decide which ads to show? The answer: through an auction.

In a nutshell, advertisers bid on keywords and Google is responsible Indonesia Phone Number List for entering all keywords into an auction, giving each keyword a quality score on its relevance to the search. It will then multiply your quality score with the advertiser’s maximum bid. The advertisers with the highest scores are the ones that will be.

The advantage is that

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to “win” the auction it does not only depend on the bid , but on whether the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List ad is really, both its quality level and the amount of the bid. Although you can very well be in charge of creating your own advertising campaigns, that is why we at localdigitalkit want to offer you professional help and together we can optimize your campaigns to the maximum.


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