Ideas in Creative Commons format

I am a creative person, no one can deny that to me . ( Yes, you are too and no one can deny you that ). I agree that my ideas may seem good or bad to you (or even worse) but that does not mean that I have them and that is enough to consider me creative from head to toe. Maybe days or weeks go by without having any ideas but, as a general rule, I tend to be abuzz. The ideas come, I scare them away like they were flies ( now I’ll tell you why ) but they stick and they come back and they come back and they come back and they come back and they come back ( yes, that’s how tiring ) and they don’t stop coming back until I do something with them.

What can you do when

You have many? That you cannot carry out everything you can think of is a great truth. That very few ideas that you may have are capable of being carried out executive data is also true, but it requires that you study each one of them before discarding it, lest you discard the one that would precisely work. But you can’t be, at least I am, studying whether each and every one you have is good or bad or if each and every one of them is interesting.

And, even if they seem interesting, you can’t try to carry out just any idea either . What do you do with them then? Well, discard them. I have already reached a point where I try not to pay attention to any of the ideas I have. But you know what? I can’t . If I don’t take them out they get stuck and bounce and bounce on my head.

They won't let me continue

I have to do something… Why not give them away? Lighting Ideas are worthless if not how you carry them out. Javier Megías told me in a conversation Phone Number ES that, in his talks and. Workshops, he usually comments on good ideas “to see if someone steals them and carries them out . ” It’s funny that it never happened, right? Likewise, some Bloggers like. Carlos Bravo ( son, sorry if it seems like I want to burn your name.

But if you inspire me you inspire me, I can’t help it… ) also share some ideas on their blogs, giving. Them away and throwing them to the wind so that anyone can Do with them whatever you want . This is how I came up with the idea of ​​creating a website where you can publish your ideas “in Creative Commons format” or, in other words, make them public so that anyone who wants to.

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