These tools often provide distorted information, untrue facts, and even display inappropriate behavior. Generative artificial intelligence based on large language models (LLM) is trained on thousands of pieces of information, whether text, images, speech or structured data. To provide meaningful results, they can search for references, analyze context and connect information. But will it be enough to replace human labor? Texts delivered by artificial intelligence amaze us because they are created by machines. If marketers create the same content, we may be disappointed by the lack of depth and originality. Generative AI provides minimally consistent results on the information used to train it.

Here again another question arises, this time to its ethical use

.  Generative AI is often on content. The issue becomes even more controversial when we consider that the results of this process can be used for commercial purposes. Tools like Adobe’s Firefly already promise to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List generate images based solely on free content, but this is still a discussion that should get a new chapter in the coming months. Artificial intelligence as a tool technology will continue to develop, opening up countless possibilities for content creation and other marketing activities.

But you need to be strategic and understand the benefits of using it

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Disadvantages. Companies that bet on AI-generated content are ultimately trading premium content for generic content that lacks depth. The results can be disastrous not only for the strategy, but also f. Gor the brand’s imagble information by Peru WhatsApp Number List completing sure and positioning. Modern consumers demandges and have more power in their purchasing decisions. As a result, they want to find content that is increasingly personal and useful to their needs and desires. To meet these expectations, it’s necessary to move toward humanizing your marketing strategy—and not the other way around. Do you want to learn more about this topic and know what to do or what not to do when integrating artificial intelligence.


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