If we look at the next hour with the most traffic

Leisure and retail, the sectors that send the most in the morning
The industries that send the most SMS are those to leisure and retail activitie. Which total more than 7 million messages . Promotions, marketing campaigns, purchase reminders or order management are some of the most frequent use cases for these sectors. But they are not the only businesses that make more communications in the early hours of the day. Companies to education or the automotive industry join this podium, making almost a total of 2 million SMS communications.

, 11:00 a.m., the legal and financial sector appears in the most prominent positions, sending 1 million text messages . However, companies to retail and education continue to be the most active with campaigns that 1.5 million shipments in retail and 1.2 million shipments in the educational industry.

Afternoons are the time to send your SMS campaign in Automotive and Retail

On the contrary, the leader in shipments in the eight o’clock period is the automotive sector with 1 million shipments . Appointment reminders, vehicle pick-up notices, or Bahamas Phone Number List service status information are the most common uses for these late communications. Without forgetting, retail companies also carry out campaigns during these hours with a total of more than 2.5 million SMS.

These studies respond to our commitment to offering  information so that companies can choose the most effective time to send SMS campaigns to their existing or potential customers.

Once again, it is and useful

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SMS continues to be one of the channels chosen by companies from. D different sectors to send their communications to clients, whether commercial or transactional. With an open Israel Phone Number rate of more than 95% and taking into account that the vast majority are read within 3 minutes of receiving them , text messages have become essential for any company.

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