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Key touchpoint campaigns that increase awareness and engage customers. 10. Don’t collect customer data Since Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, you have the perfect opportunity to collect customer data and grow your customer database. If you don’t capture your customers’ emails and messages, you could be missing out on the opportunity to significantly increase your future sales. When you collect customer profiles, you not only expand your database for future marketing and retargeting, but you also expand your knowledge of buyer profiles and ideal customers. The data you collect can also help you determine which channels are most successful and further develop future digital marketing strategies.

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You have a beautiful, well-research comprehensive marketing campaign, it might mean nothing if you wait too long to launch it. Awareness-level emails and earlier sale dates (such as Black Friday preview sales) can help South Africa WhatsApp Number List you market your Black Friday deals before the actual date. Waiting too late may mean customers have mentally allocated their budget to other brands or found similar deals to yours at other companies and made internal commitments to your competitors. 12. The urgency of thinking creates itself One of the reasons Black Friday becomes such a successful day for shopping and selling year after year is the urgency of the date.

Worry about missing out during this annual promotion

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Incredible deals that really inspire shoppers to buy quickly.the scarcity and urgency of resources, you may miss out on impulse buying opportunities. Try using techniques like countdowns, offer expiration dates, “today only” messages, or product stock limits to help drive your audience to buy. 13. Assume customers will come to you Just Albania WhatsApp Number List like marketers often assume that a sense of urgenn its own, they also assume that customers will automatically come to them on Black Friday. After all, wouldn’t your brand’s loyal customers be searching for the Black Friday deals you have to offer? Even loyal brand advocates can be inundated with the amount of ads and deals available during Black Friday, and if you don’t put your messaging and offers in front of them, you could get lost in the mix.

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