And marketers agree; research from our Influencer Marketing Report found that this trait is most important when choosing an influencer.  who appears to be engaged in an influencer pod, ask yourself, is their social presence genuine? If the way they engage with their audience feels inauthentic, what does that say about their role as a thought leader/creator? How could their activity on social media impact the image of your brand? Are they being propped up solely by coordinated engagement from their peers? Do note that working with influencers who participate in influencer pods isn’t necessarily always a bad thing.


 Those who engage with

others on a seemingly routine basis in an authentic manner should be considered, especially if the influencers are creating true thought leadership. At the end of the day, influencer pods can only take users so far. The road to consistent A Complete List Of Unit Mobile Number List engagement and visibility starts with creating quality, authentic, and impactful content. Identifying and vetting influencers is an arduous task that must be done with great care, especially with the proliferation of influencer pods.

 Let us handle the leg work

Ask us about our influencer marketing services today and we’ll help you discover authentic influencers capable of delivering real results for your Algeria Phone Number List brand. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Alex White is the Social – Influencer Lead at TopRank Marketing and a proud U.S. Navy veteran. He leverages his industry experience to build deep, authentic relationships with today’s top BB influencers, always delivering exceptional campaign results for a variety of Fortune brands.


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