Increasing the limit on unregistered

Increasing the non-statutory criterion and, therefore, illegal [cf. judgment of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw of January. Receiving a pension grant under statutory conditions makes it impossible to receive a benefit as an exception [cf. judgment of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw of December , , ref. no. act II SAWA ; The President of ZUS, similarly to the Prime Minister, presents to the Sejm by January of each calendar year information on pensions and special annuities grant in the precing year. Understand the concept of special circumstances The category of “special circumstances” referr to in Art.

Section of the Increasing the Act

On pensions and annuities from the Social Insurance Fund consolidat text Journal of Laws of , No. , item , as amend is a general clause whose application is of an assessment and individual nature. It should be emphasiz that special circumstances include not only force philippines photo editor majeure events, but all types of situations that make a given person unattractive on the labor market  and outside the circle of interest of employers; also when a person is not fit to work in terms of health, even though he or she does not have a certificate of total incapacity for work, but his or her health condition when looking for a job puts him or her.

In a much worse position

Than a healthy person. In this situation, a “special circumstance” will not only include the total incapacity for work of the person applying for the benefit or his or Phone Number ES her family member. Partial incapacity for work and other events causing limitations and difficulties in employment should also be assess similarly. The interpretation of the concept of “special circumstances” in a specific case therefore requires taking into account all aspects of the facts of the case.

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