key features: complete setup assistance. Including branding and team management integration with custom analytics software systems comprehensive apis for building custom workflows price: $29-299/mo26. Social animal social animal social animal is a content marketing platform with a focus on analytics and tracking. Their deep insights tool provides detail   performance analysis of every publish   piece of content. You can also receive automat   emails daily with the latest content for each keyword you choose. Advanc   data analytics features include competitor monitoring and facebook audience targeting and engagement. Key features: care for any keyword sort   by popularity a keyword-bas.   Influencer search algorithm advanc marketing tools for facebook price: $49-499/mo 27.

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 Socialpilot  socialpilot_co social pilot social pilot is a complete social software m  ia marketing which includes numerous programming. Analysis and reporting tools. There are also advanc   team collaboration features and a shar   email inbox for managing engagement with fans and followers. Social m  ia automation tools include content curation. Rss fe   automation. And mass uploading. Key features: publish blog posts from wordpress to social m  ia assign hashtags to your posts from social pilot analytics and white label reports in pdf format price: $25-100/mo 28. Story  storico story storyful is an information and social m  ia news found   by journalists.


Licensing and production price

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 The team provides customiz   solutions to clients and can analyze trends across breaking news and social m  ia sites. They place an emphasis on investigative and comprehensive analysis for each chosen topic. And there are a number of different strategies they can apply to each project. Key features: news and trend analysis social m  ia monitoring and reporting content provision. Licensing and production price: contact for pricing 29. Tagboard  tagboard tagboard tagboard is content curation and production software for displaying m  ia on a variety of different displays. With the launch module. You can discover and curate content using hashtags from a variety of sources in real time.



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