Users are exposed to cyber attacks and cyber threats when they are online. On International Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated today in 180 countries, Lenovo presents recommendations for browsing. Protect yourself against cyber attacks and cyber threats Safer Internet Day began as an initiative. The European Union’s Safeborders project in 2004. Currently, it is celebrate in 180 countries and its main objective is to raise awareness among users about the emerging online problems. To which Internet users are and to promote the responsible use, as well as respectful of technology.

Use operating systems that provide protection

As new forms of cyberattacks emerge, technology companies are considering new protective actions. Lenovo proposes 5 recommendations for safe browsing on the Internet. The technology company recommends using computers that have Windows 10 and 11, since they have Windows Security Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data included, which provides antivirus protection. This means that your device will be actively¬† from the moment Windows starts and will continue to scan your computer for malware, viruses, and security threats. According to the study¬† Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, in 2022 Peruvians were to 5.2 billion cyberattack attempts in the first half of the year.

Use devices that protect identity

To browse safely, Lenovo recommends the use of technological equipment that has security settings. An example of this is devices protected by ThinkShield. Which Germany Telegram Number allow easier and more reliable authentication at each login. Its security proposal is based on its secure storage of fingerprint information, isolating biometric data from hackers. It also features an camera for facial recognition and has geofencing security. For location authentication using GPS and/or network location detection. This celebration also involves focusing on protecting people from cyberattacks and cyberthreats to which they are when browsing the Internet. Our country is not immune to this problem.


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