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potential the website or application you and your team are developing has. the creation process will take quite a lot of time. Expensive website template prices. You can actually buy templates sold by UI/UX designers, but the price is quite expensive, around Rp. 75,000 to Rp. 800,000 for a website template depending on the type of website. Conclusion So that’s our discussion about mockups. Are you interested in learning to make it? Designing a product is not only related to people who work in the field of graphic design, a programmer can also make a mockup. But of course it’s not the design of an ordinary product, but the design of an application or website. Keep the spirit Okay. Understanding What.

a Mockup Is for Product Design

Eend Also read this article to increase your insight. 7 Steps to Becoming a UI UX Designer What are Wireframes? Difference between Wireframe, Mock-up, and Prototype What is a Prototype? Why Is That Important? Annisa Tahira: Female Programmer Behind Jakarta Smart City We often hear that ws data the number of female programmers is small. Not only in Indonesia, this reality is also common in the world. Only 3% of women in the world choose to study IT at university. (UNESCO, 2017) Furthermore, the composition of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics majors (or often called “STEM”) is 35%. Even though a career in the STEM field is one of the key drivers of innovation that determines the future. Now slowly the profession of programmer is becoming

more prominen and women

 are increasingly looking at it. Annisa Tahira (25), a female programmer in the Front-End field, is one of them. Since high school, his heart has been determined to study IT. “At first I was curious about the applications on cellphones, how could they do this and that. “Dad also likes tinkering with computers, installing Phone Number ES this and that, in the end he was curious and wanted to learn more about technology,” said Annisa. What’s the story like? Let’s take a look. Actively To realize the project you are planning, you will definitely need a large amount of funds, therefore without sufficient funds from investors, the realization of your project may be hampered.

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