pursuing studies in the IT field Initially, Annisa aimed to major in Informatics Engineering at one of the well-known PTNs at the 2014 SNMPTN, but failed. Of the 777,536 selection participants, only 16% of them were declared to have passed PTN. But not Annisa. The SBMPTN and Service Association School routes also did not pass. After 2 years of struggle, Annisa decided to register at the Nurul Fikri Integrated Technology College (PTS) Private University. With the capital of her efforts, Annisa still chose the Informatics Engineering major to realize her dream of becoming a great female programmer in the future. Towards the Dream of a Female Programmer On campus, Annisa is 1 of 5 female students.

He admitted that most of his male

friends in his class were quick to absorb programming material, but not him. “At that time, my other female friends and I needed to read the material repeatedly or practice it again until we really understood what we were learning,” he said. Nevertheless, Annisa is confident that she can also study and survive in a major that is generally dominated by men. While studying, Annisa ws database was always persistent in studying the programming material in her class. “If we experienced difficulties in studying, my friends and I helped each other find solutions,” he recalled. This is said to be quite helpful for Annisa during her studies. Even though she often studies and discusses with her friends, that doesn’t mean that Annisa relies on other people to survive in her major.

Annisa believes that a student,

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especially in the technology field, must be able to explore programming material independently in order to truly master skills in that field. Thanks to her persistence during college, Annisa was finally able to complete her studies in 2020 at the Informatics Engineering Department. Not only that, he graduated in a relatively short time, namely 3.5 years and with Cumlaude predicate . Dream of becoming a female Phone Number ES programmer, one step closer! Achieving Outside of Academics is Necessary . However, even though . She graduated with the best honors. The fact is that Annisa was not immediately accepted to work at the company she applied for. Moreover, he was looking for work at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic so that his competitors were not only fresh graduates , but also job seekers who  website mockups.

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