It is much more  Is currently a topic which in my opinion is too little debat. In the panorama of digital information it is in fact easier to find fragment notions on “how to do this or that”. Speaking frankly, these are small, or rather very small, specific portions of information which, almost as if they were pieces of a puzzle, one of the difficult ones, are present to the user who, however, does not have the ability to reconstruct the final image, the one which in the end he nes it.

The Internet today is certainly

Churning out more laborers than seo expate bd architects and in my opinion this is a trend that deserves to be rethought if we intend to understand and take advantage of today’s digital ecosystem. After years and years spent working online on the most disparate projects, I believe that one of the most limiting errors in this regard, and especially in brand positioning , derives precisely from a misunderstanding that is not at all obvious: confusing visibility with celebrity. In fact, unlike visibility, celebrity today is NOT synonymous with opportunity, on the contrary.

If we want to take

A few steps back, perhaps we are talking Phone Number ES about an attitude reminiscent of Warhol. I think it is right to quote one of Warhol’s most famous phrases in this regard. “ In the future everyone will be world famous for minutes Andy Warhol Painter and artist It’s a shame that all this burns out like a lit match that curls up on itself when it burns. Recognizing this attitude is quite easy. Whenever the focus is on “celebrity” bright sequins and sequins are appli. Magnificent showcase sites are produc full of animations and compelling graphics, posts on social mia in the “good morning and good evening.


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