Jakarta Smart City JSC which

 Information and Statistics Service. As a result, he selected 300 applicants for the Front-End Developer position in Jakarta Smart City. “If you have good fortune, you won’t go anywhere,” he said. Apart from focusing on pursuing a career as a Front-End Developer at JSC, in the first months Annisa also divided her time to complete the BDT facilitation that she received. Work while studying, why not? It would take him 90 hours to complete the Become a Front-End Web Developer Expert class. Even though she has to take time off, Annisa firmly believes that she must continue studying. He said, “At that time I had to continue studying after I got home from work.

the facilitation from Dicoding and

sometimes until 2 in the morning, so I could do Baparekraf. “Even though it was quite tiring because I had to balance work and rest time, in the end it all paid off by passing this expert class.” Until now, it has been 6 months since Annisa started her career at JSC from the beginning of 2021 while working on BDT facilitation. He has found compatibility and comfort in the company whatsapp database where he works now. During his work, he was responsible for creating the appearance of the Jakarta vaccination website ( vaccination-corona.jakarta.go.id ). Thanks to this facilitation, I know more about Frontend Engineer Expert, such as the importance of web performance, code splitting and much more. Things that I didn’t pay attention to before turned out to have a big impact on the 

development of the project

 I was working on, namely vaccination-corona.jakarta.go.id . This website is used by the DKI Jakarta Government to open vaccination registration for the public. (Women) Annisa optimistically expressed her hope that the number and level of expertise of female programmers in Phone Number ES Indonesia will continue to increase. She believes that the opportunities for advancement in this field are very large, including for women. For his personal vision, he targets to become a Senior/Lead Front-End Developer in the next few years. To achieve this goal, he will continue to explore the realm of Front-End Developer.

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